Craft out waste

Crafting a sustainable life for others!!

Helloo!! This is the way ahead. We are humans!! Creative thinking commons!! Why don’t we make things out of waste ? That’s the idea that landed me up here. At … Continue reading

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WasteCrafts Featured

Every week we will feature a blog that has extensively covered and has put in lot of effort in crafting out waste. This week’s honor goes to – Fun eco … Continue reading

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Reusable bag from waste paper

All of us read more than a kilo of new papers every month. So, why not put in some of our time to create reusable bags from new papers. This … Continue reading

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What do I do with used plastic jars / cans ?

I take in at least two cans of milk per week, each 2 liter. Usually I would buy those white (not trimmed) ones with plastic cans / jars. And finally … Continue reading

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What can be made out of old CDs ?

I hail from a place where CD’s are slowly giving way to the flash drives, like any other part of the world! So, I have got lot of old CDs … Continue reading

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